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Be your own #Hooker:  #HOOKER Custom

Have you ever wanted to show up at an event and stand out in your own design and custom-made outfit? But you have two left thumbs and can't sew a lick if your life depended on it? Maybe you missed Heaven's sweepstakes when "creativity" was the grand prize? Better yet, your schedule is just way too hectic to put in all that effort? #HOOKER has the answer! We now offer design consultation, custom apparel and accessories for almost any occasion! Just simply drop us an email with your wish. Please give as many specific details as possible, i.e. concept or product idea, list of item(s), occasion, timeframe, and your general size. Once received, we will contact you shortly and provide a quote and options for your project. For more information, send an email to

#HOOKER... Just Be.™