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When it comes to the product, we break it down into three key ingredients: #DESIGN, #QUALITY, and #FIT. With over twenty years of menswear design experience under his belt, our CEO and Creative Director, Andreu David, works tirelessly to perfect and achieve each ingredient. His vision for #HOOKER is "not only to look great and feel sexy, but for the products to feel comfortable, to fit and function well."



Concept and Color

    Drew Trunk Camo PrintAt #HOOKER, you will discover that we use exclusive fabrics, rich colors and textures to achieve our look. Andreu has an unconventional approach when creating concepts for the brand. He likes to experiment with challenging materials, treatments and techniques that have never been used or traditionally done before. These hallmarks of good design are what makes #HOOKER unique and easily recognizable. Andreu is inspired not only by current trends in fashion but also by the ever-changing world around us.



      We strive to include distinct and functional details wherever possible. Some examples include: seams that naturally push, tuck and pull your 'assets' into a flattering position, an internal pocket on all our underwear and swimwear, and special thread with luster to make the stitching more decorative. Our keen attention to detail is another feature that differentiates us from our peers.

      Internal Pocket Detail

      Functional internal pocket on all our swimwear and underwear. Shown above are our Mick Trunk, Evan Boxer, and Billy Racer.

      Fabric Combination

      Distinct color combinations. Shown above is an inside view of our Evan Boxer and Fletcher Brief.

      Thread Stitch Detail

      Lustrous Thread and Stitching Detail. Shown above is our Blade Football Tights (available coming this Fall).


        Billy Racer with CrystalsWith every design, we pay attention to every line and curve. Where seams end and where they begin. To show more or to show less. Our philosophy is to accentuate your 'assets' but leave some things to the imagination. The objective is always to look #SEXY.


        Environmentally Conscious
          Reduce, Recycle, ReuseWherever and whenever possible, we design with environmental conservation in mind. We partner with manufacturers and suppliers who share the same philosophy to streamline processes and eliminate unnecessary waste. We are committed to do our part to help save our earth. One example of our commitment is eliminating the use of plastic bags companywide. Instead, we have replaced them with reusable and recyclable packaging. We advocate to REDUCE, RECYCLE, and REUSE. We hope our customers will join us on this mission.


          # QUALITY

          Fabric and Materials

            Billy Racer Color BlockWe take pride in selecting quality fabrics and sourcing the best materials available. Moreover, we highly consider our customer's end use. Not only do we want you to look #SEXY and #HOT but we also want your purchase to perform at its best. That's why we use performance grade fabrics for our swimwear and underwear. Not that we think you'll run a marathon or go for gold at the next Olympics, but in our products you sure can if you wanted to!

            Shown above is our Billy Racer Color Block in Pink with Metallic Gold trim.



              Coolmax UnderwearAll our products are wear-tested to ensure top peak performance in the use and environment we predict you'll be exposing them to. For example, our underwear is specially formulated COOLMAX® nylon/lycra tricot with moisture management. Whether at the gym or a night out, our underwear is sure to keep you dry. For testimonials on what our #HOOKER fans are saying about us, click here.


              Easy Care

                Machine Wash SymbolOur garments are machine washable. Yes, even the crystal embellished ones! A cold setting, mild detergent and hang to dry is always recommended to prolong the life of your product. We highly discourage machine drying any crystal embellished or sequined products. Doing so may comprise the integrity of the fabric and/or crystals. These items should hang or lay flat to dry.
                FACT: Machine drying weakens the fibers and compromises the integrity of your garment. If machine drying is needed, it is highly recommended to use a low or cool setting.
                TIP: The practice above applies not just to our products but we recommend for all your clothing.


                Made in USA

                  Made in USA95% of our products are manufactured in the United States. All embellishments, jewelry and harnesses are handcrafted in downtown Los Angeles, California.                          


                  Crystal Embellished Product [Patent Pending]

                    CrystalsAs the originator of men's underwear and swimsuits with embellished crystals, we are proud to announce that we are now Patent Pending. So #HOOKER is the only brand where you can purchase them. Through trial and error, we have formulated a process to cure crystals to our products to withstand normal wear and machine wash. Naturally, due to the manufacturing process of curing the crystals, it is normal that 100% of the stones may not secure properly. Not to fear or worry... Our crystal embellished products come with a one year guarantee. Should you experience any issues with our product, we will try our best to resolve your concerns as efficiently as possible. So far, we have had positive feedback from our customers with this service. For details on our Product Guarantee, click here. To read testimonials on our products, click here.


                    Complimentary Care Bag

                      As part of our #HOOKER Gold line, we offer complimentary packaging that has been specially crafted to double as a convenient care bag or a handy TSA-sized air travel zip pouch. Each of our #HOOKER Gold swimsuits and underwear comes with a mesh bag and easy to follow instructions for machine wash. Functional reuse is another way for us to contribute in conserving the environment.

                      White Care BagBlack Care Bag 


                      # FIT


                        Generally our products fit a half size smaller than the US standard size, which is similar to European or Japanese sizing, to achieve our sexy #HOOKER look. Please refer to the measurements on our fit chart to select your size. If any doubt, our advice is to order one size up. We do offer a one time size exchange with free return shipping.

                        Size Chart


                          We currently offer three fits in both our underwear and swimwear styles. To help choose the right fit for you, we've made it easy with our illustration and descriptions below.  

                          UNDERWEAR COLLECTION

                          Johnny Jock: An athletic barely-there cut with exposure that's strategically sexy. To get to know more about Johnny, click here.

                          Fletcher Brief: A sexy update to the familiar tighty-whitie silhouette. Our version: low riding to sit below the waist with more room for your frontal 'ego.' To get to know more about Fletcher, click here.

                          Evan Boxer: The most 'conservative' of the #HOOKER underwear styles having generous coverage for all your man parts. To get to know more about Evan, click here.

                          Read more here about our Underwear Collection. 

                          Underwear Fit

                          SWIMWEAR COLLECTION

                          Billy Racer: A sexy athletic racer cut. To get to know more about Billy, click here.

                          Drew Trunk: A sexy more modest cut than Billy but not as conservative as Mick. To get to know more about Drew, click here.

                          Mick Trunk: The most conservative silhouette of our tricot swimsuits. To get to know more about Mick, click here.

                          Read more here about our Swimwear Collection. 

                          Swimwear Fit



                          If you may need further assistance, we'd #LOVE to help! Just phone or text at (929) 900-HHKR (4457), or email us at We'll be sure to get back to you within 24 hours!