Johnny Jock with Crystals


What #HOOKER fans are saying about us... Many thanks to our #Hookerboyz!



# Alain, Chicago, Illinois, 03.27.17:
"I own almost every sexy outfit sold. This collection is true quality and it makes me look 10 years younger. Don't get me wrong, only the boldest should shop here, but if you dare, #Hooker will make you shine on the beach or in a party."


# Jon, Sydney, Australia, 02.26.17:
"Arrived - whoop whoop! Amazing, totally love them. We would love to show your products off at Mardi Gars and all the parties leading up to it."


# Simon, Sollentuna, Sweden, 02.18.2017:
"Size S was perfect for me, the low cut design and feeling are awesome, everything holds in place in a sexy way. They feel expensive, and the material is also super soft against the skin, so that's a quality plus! Can't wait to show them off on the beach in Thailand next week!"


# Robert, Orange, California, 12.22.2016:
"I have to be really honest with you when I say I am more than impressed with the service that I have received from Hashtag Hooker! I first encountered your brand a year or so ago when I saw one of the gogo's at The Abbey dancing in Hashtag Hooker. I did some research online, as I was not familiar with the brand and I really like a lot of the product that you offer! For whatever reason I never made the leap to purchase until now and I was pleasantly surprised how fast my packages arrived, the quality of your products, I loved the wrapping--the tissue paper is a nice touch--and not to mention a hand written thank you on each of my packing slips. I definitely see more Hooker gear in my future :) I've got my eye on the Fletcher briefs!"


 # Adam, Chicago, Illinois, 10.18.2016:
"I have one of your swimsuits which I wore to an event here in Chicago and several of the gems fell off. I remember that when I purchased them there was a card that said they could be returned for repair under warranty? P.S. They were a HUGE hit!"
10.18.2016, #HOOKER wrote:
"Thanks for your message. I'm sorry to hear and apologize that you've experienced some loss of stones on your suit. Due to the process it takes to apply the stones, some may not have adhered 100%, which is why I provide the guarantee. If you could, please send me a photo so I can see and expect what needs to be repaired. Then I will send you a mailing label to send them back to me. Once complete, which shouldn't take more than a week, I will send back to you. All free of charge. 
12.22.2016, Adam wrote:
"Thanks for the follow up. It looks perfect. Thanks for taking care of it so easily and quickly!"


# Ilan, Chicago, Illinois, 09.02.2016:
" I'm super excited, and so looking forward to our custom design!"
09.12.2016, #HOOKER wrote:
" Great news! I completed your custom order and shipped it out today! You should receive it by this Wednesday or Thursday. It came out quite amazing! I'm sure you will be happy with it!"
09.12.2016, Ilan wrote:
" OMG! They look AMAZING!!!! I cannot wait to try them on and show them off! Thank you so, so much! It has been a truly amazing and fun experience, and I will make sure everyone knows how amazingly wonderful and talented designer you are! I would love to create more amazing pieces with you and your brand in the near future!!!"
09.17.2016, Ilan wrote:
"They fit perfectly and look amazing! Thank you so, so much! I've been wearing it around my dance studio and everyone is in love with them! Can't wait to perform in them!"


# Andy, San Jose, California, 06.27.2016:
"I'm delighted to have received my shipment today. I really like your brand and look forward to acquiring more garments from it."


# Josh, Corinth, Mississippi, 05.12.2016:
"This is my second pair of these! I have them in pink with black stones. Going to be wearing these new pair in NOLA at Southern Decadence! Appreciate your beautiful work!"