We offer an exclusive #HOOKER Loyalty Program. Just shop at our online store and we'll keep track of every item you purchase. For every 10 items you purchase, you will get one item of your choice free! Your free spending credit is derived by calculating your average dollar spent. We add up the total dollar spent on your 10 accumulated items and determine the average. This then translates as your free spending credit at The more you spend the larger your credit amount will be!

It's our way of thanking you for being our Loyal #HOOKER Customer!


Your 10 Items = $400 Total Dollars Spent

Your Average Dollar Spent = $400/10 = $40 Your Free Spending Credit


For inquiries on our Loyalty Program, please contact

Rules and Restrictions:
  • Accumulating purchases need not be made during a single checkout. Purchases may be processed over several checkouts. However, all purchases must be paid in full.
  • The total credit amount must be used within one year from the date the credit was issued.
  • Purchases must be accumulated during a period of one year after your first purchase entered into our Loyalty Program. Accumulated purchases expire after one year (12 months) and do not carryover. The program will start over after a purchase is made (which counts as the first purchase for your next program year).
  • Any credit and any item entered (after and including the first item) into our Loyalty Program expires after one year (12 months). Neither credit nor item count can be reissued or reinstated for any reason. No exceptions.
  • Returns are not counted as a purchase, thus cannot be counted in our Loyalty Program. Any exchanges are counted only on the initial purchase.
  • This offer is applied to full price paid items only. Sale, discounted and marked down items are excluded. Items purchased using a special discount offer are excluded. Unfortunately, we cannot include any items purchased through a third party.