#HOOKER® is a premium fashion lifestyle brand that promotes bold self-confidence to those who wear it. #CONFIDENT, #FEARLESS, #SEXY.

Ryan_Johnny JockPremiering in Spring 2015 with styles of underwear, swimwear, and tees, #HOOKER is a fun, bold and witty take on men's apparel. #HOOKER embodies the hallmarks of good design while being on trend and unique. With the brand colors anchored in #Black, #Gold, and our signature #Hooker Pink, we focus on constructing high quality products made in USA using the best materials from around the world. 

Drawing from his experience in fashion branding and designing collections, our Founder conceived #HOOKER with a desire to make a bold creative statement focusing on fabric and design with the utmost attention to fit and detail. To make a provocative social comment, the brand's name was born by taking a word out of its usual context and playfully updating its conventional meaning. One of the oldest professions that continues to exist in the modern world, there are two common definitions of the word HOOKER:

Traditional definition: “a person or thing that hooks”

Slang definition: "A prostitute of either sex. Derived from the act of hooking a person into a situation."

Ryan_Fletcher Brief CamoFace it… everyone wants to look and feel sexy. Inspired by hard working survivors of this profession, #HOOKER (Hashtag Hooker) was created on the premise that by some method or form, we are all ‘hookers’. Simply, it’s the old world practice of bartering. No one profession more outstanding than another as we all require means to a gain. Theoretically, no one should be 'judged' for their form of 'hooking.'

The ‘hooker’ style has continually transcended the profession by intriguing fashion and popular culture throughout history. There is a strong desire to portray an overt sensual style in our society. Our culture has a fascination with what’s taboo, naughty and underground. It is prevalent in our forms of entertainment: social platforms, the Web, music and movies. While hypocritically, the profession where the 'look' derives is disparaged and considered derogatory. Moreover, our society puts pressure on men to ‘act and look masculine.’ #HOOKER sets out to liberate by promoting sensual confidence and expression. To break barriers and own it. To challenge the rules and expectations of what we should be.

We believe self-confidence radiates from the inside out. Clothing is an extension of that. You exude sexy if you feel sexy. Be your sexy you and discover your inner #HOOKER.

#HOOKER®  Be Followed... Get #Hooked™



Our Founder, CEO and Creative Director, Andreu David, is an established men's apparel designer with over 20 years of experience in fashion. He's designed for industry leaders like Hermès, Ralph Lauren, and Banana Republic, and is credited for spearheading Onassis Clothing, an emerging men's casual sportswear brand. A native of Los Angeles but a New Yorker at heart, Andreu draws his inspiration from having lived on both coasts while traveling across the globe. He has now focused his efforts to launch his own lifestyle apparel brands as well as manage the parent company and design consulting firm, AD5 Inc. | AD Andreu David.

When asked what inspires him, Andreu replies, “Everything. As a creative person, everyday life and people inspire me. Fashion is about relevance. How people live their lives. Their mood, what gives them ease, and what inspires them on any given day. People are constantly evolving. One day different from the next. This is how I define what’s modern. A constant evolution - one day better than the last.”



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