#HOOKER Swimwear image

(Mick 50s Trunk in H'Hooker Pink pictured above)


Anatomy of our #HOOKER Swimsuit collection:

We have painstakingly paid extra attention to the important details. Sexiness, comfort, functionality, and utility is incorporated into every design. 
All of our products are designed with these core values in mind:

  • Original and sexy #HOOKER fit. You will always look your #hottest!
  • Anatomic space for your "prime assets." We eliminate you from being suffocated, flattened, or tamed. We offer natural support without the use of cock rings or push-ups.
  • Comfortable seams, super soft waistbands, top quality labels and accessories. No poking, scratching, or itching.
  • Breathable, moisture-management fabric wear-tested for performance. Eliminate the feeling of being overheated or damp. Your “buddies down south” will thank you!
  • Need a temporary place to stash your #HOOKER cash, ID, or “unmentionables”? All our Swimwear include a handy inside pocket. Functional, practical, and hidden.
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